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CCH Exclusive "Adams" Spider Web Knob & Rose Set

Item Number: 243F-PB

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Price: $199.99
CCH exclusive reproduction, precision cast, “Adams” spider web pattern knob and rose set. Hands down one of the most unique reproductions we’ve ever produced! This gorgeous knob and rose will set your home apart.

Knob Diameter: 2"
Knob Projection: 2"
Rose Diameter: 1 ⅞”

2 each: Adams Door Knobs
2 each: Adams Rosettes
1 each: Steel Spindle

Please note: the latch mechanism is sold separately. We recommend our 32I heavy duty tubular latch or one of our Signature Series interior mortise locks 31C or 31D.

Adams knobs and roses sold as part of this complete set only.

Made exclusively for Crown City Hardware in the USA.

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