On many sites and in many stores, you'll see similar items seemingly separated only by price, with no clear indication of the differences. To help with this, and to aid in your search for items to fit your needs and budget, we've used our exclusive evaluation system to grade many of our items. We have a strict eye for detail, and look for things many overlook. You can see explanations and examples of the grades below. We hope you'll find the grades a useful tool when shopping our online store. As always, we are available for any questions you may have at questions@restoration.com.
  • Value:
    Decent quality, economically priced items. Often imperfect castings with surface blemishes, lacking the fine detail of higher graded pieces.
  • Standard:
    Our mid-priced range. Good quality, but can lack attention to finer details. Note uneven polishing on the strike & off center screw hole that prevent us from giving a higher grade.
  • Premium:
    Our best price to quality ratio hardware that includes an extended 10-year limited warranty. Excellent finish and function.
  • Signature:
    Our top-of-the-line, exclusive, reproductions. Often hand made and finished with exquisite attention to detail. Signature products carry a limited lifetime warranty.
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